2 years ago

Q Squared M Squared

If you are looking to improve performance, resolve a chronic condition….you need DATA!

Without proper clinical insight that comes from proper laboratory assessments, you are simply driving with reckless abandon.

Quite frankly…this missing insight into what makes you unique is why so many fall for all the dietary supplement sales. All those health gurus out there make a living off of telling you what your problem is without even knowing a damn thing about YOU!

You know these I am talking about….all those who say…gluten is bad, then another who says dairy is bad, then the other who say meat is root of all evil, and those that say a “Keto” diet is the cure all, and then you have those that say it’s all about “the gut” and you should eat a ton of fermented foods.

Once they get you to buy into the narrative of what their “niché” is about…they of course proceed to sell you the fix…a dietary supplement they had some random company make and slapped their name on.

Every diet and every product that may have the ability to help some…can in fact….HARM a great many others! I have seen this play out countless times in my professional career of 27 years.

So what is the take home here?

You must avoid doing things and taking things that you have no established and confirmed basis for. Stop living vicariously through others! Make it ALL ABOUT YOU!

How in the world are you going to justify such an approach when you are absent any measure of determining IF something is right for you? How do you know when it is right to actually discontinue or stop doing that strategy? Many are not aware that something that can be helpful as a short term approach can turn ugly and actually cost you dearly if you continue too long. But how would you know?

Here is the principle of Balance Protocol that teaches you this powerfully protective concept…

Qualify ~ Quantify ~ Measure ~ Monitor

If you are ever going to prevent disease, resolve a health complaint or increase performance….you MUST apply this principle of Balance Protocol!

To properly do so requires understanding your unique history, current status and backed by proper laboratory work up across multiple systems biology. You can not just do a few “blood work” or some “muscle testing” or some electrical machine you put your finger or hand on like you see the charlatans trying to promote.

Then…if you start on some strategies that are backed by proper laboratory assessments…you must repeat those labs and determine how your body is responding.

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