Published December 7, 2020 86 Views

Rumble To wait is no longer possible for you to sit upon the threshold. The resources you have patiently awaited approaches like an immense wave cresting onto the shoreline. The impulse activated by your wishes, hopes, dreams, beliefs and desires rushes forth.

This wave moves rapidly breaking, releasing, washing away old patterns of existence. Move forward to being, move forward into being who you have always known you are. The opening of the vortex increases the power coming down around and into these channels to overflow the Third Dimensional banks, governments, religions, corporations, organizations, managers and supervisors who seek to contain the transformative power of the universe. The wave of Golden Light is released by your thoughts. It is a force of enormous power, a tidal wave emanating forth from a central galactic pulse called by your collective aspirations. Take heed and know that those who hold power and keep their energy trapped inside the old paradigms are facing a radical shift of power. A pathway is opening and upon this super energetic pathway comes the energy of a million suns streaming forth light in its first wave. There are those who will know when the wave arrives, there is chaos as everything is transformed. Allow this timeline to settle in the higher Dimensions as you are in agreement with the purpose and plan of this greater revolution. Wayshowers are here to bring forth the passage to the higher Dimensions to guide, enlighten and be compassionate. And So It Is.