CNN Reveals CDC’s “Vax Record Card.” Also, Palantir & Tiberius - How They’ll Track the Shots.

Published December 6, 2020 30 Views

Rumble CNN wrote an article detailing the contents of the kits that will be transported with each vaccine. We’ll look at the details of the kits, and particularly the “vaccine record card.” This card is a concern for me because I’m afraid that it will be requested by private entities such as airlines, restaurants, stores of all types. The existence of this card and the instructions to carry it create a bad precedent. The cards won’t be used to track the vaccines by the government though. The government will not need the cards because they’ve tapped Peter Theil’s company, Palantir. Out of the opening of a volcano, Palantir supplies the government with the systems it needs to spy on American citizens. We’ve talked about them recently on the channel in regards to the “data processing centers” Chicago was using to move police forces based on monitoring social media. So, this evil little company will be tracking who gets what where. Ain’t that grand.