The Fulton Fraud. Lies, Statistics, & Video Tape.

Published December 6, 2020 64 Views

Rumble For the first time the totality of the alleged fraud has become visible in a single spot. Fulton County, Ga. While the rest of the Democrat strongholds used for the grift were able to just stop counting and close, they didn’t feel they could just quit in Georgia. So, a story was created. A story about a burst pipe was exaggerated and used to allegedly set up a situation where ballots were then counted without supervision. Researchers used FOIA requests to fine any possible proof of a burst pipe, to no avail. Then we’ll look at the video footage around Fulton county that’s being looked at. Finally I’ll show you statistics being done by the Edward Solomon YouTube channel. It seems there is quite a bit of separate information pointing to the possibility of fraud large enough to flip GA. We shall see. Find the Edward Solomon Channel in the links below the pinned comment.