"The Curious Death of Dionysus Chennault" By Jeffrey LeBlanc

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We are a channel honoring the yellowed and blackened bones of many prominent authors. We will be digging up several obscure, strange, and forgotten authors who influenced many of the great horror, science fiction, and fantasy writer’s today.

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Children of Horror,
A freezing man on a mountain recalls being accused of vampirism. An archeologist runs for his life from a mythological serpent in a swamp. And, a young boy unleashes demonic evil from a psychotic vagrant, as we dwell in darkness with Jeffrey LeBlanc.

Our latest ghostly tale may get us screamed at…by a banshee.

The Curious Death of Dionysus Chennault is a new short story that we will be including in the collection, These Hallowed Horrors, set for publication December2020. Our story focuses on Dionysus Chennault and his encounter with a supernatural terror in a frozen swamp.

What is terrorizing Dionysus Chennault on his lonely island? Can Dionysus solve the mystery of the banshee, or will he choke under the strain? --JL