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It's Time!

We are Keith & Julie, & our furry kids Piper & Wicket. This is our lives here in Michigan. We have 3 grown kids, Corey, Cody, & Jessica. We also have 4 grandkids, Kortnee, Cooper, Samuel, & Isaac, all who you’ll see from time to time. We’ve been sharing family & kid-friendly vlogs since 2018, so everyone can join in on the fun! We love you all! Toujours Pret!
In this episode,
For Rumble Only:
Welcome to our older episodes of Cavalry Man 86! In this episode, we’re doing some early spring cleaning! Getting cleaned up before an event tomorrow.
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I mainly wanted another place, other than YouTube, to share my video. I’m still using YouTube, but may make a switch later down the road. Thanks for watching!

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Hidden Prize Disclaimer:
When prizes are hidden, Prizes are NOT placed at coordinates given. They are within 20 to 50 Yards of coordinates given in current videos. NOT all prizes will have monetary value!!! If Not disclosed sooner, I will look to see if the prize is found, one (1) week after hiding it & let you all know if it’s found or not on both the Cavalry Man 86 Facebook & Instagram pages. Happy Hunting!

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