Italian Covid test warning

Published December 4, 2020 408 Views

Rumble This is not my video material. I was forwarded this video by someone who knows I've taken an interest in the COVID hoax. It is in Italian and hopefully closed captioned in English. This MD is warning Italians, who had horrible "outbreaks" of Covid 2, aka Wuhan virus etc. not a novel virus that's been around for decades. He implores his countryfolks to NOT take the test for covid 2, correctly, for a number of good reasons.

I would not take a Covid test except to assist my MD in confirming a diagnosis. I'm certain both myself and my MD understand a positive covid test is almost meaningless. I've mentioned elsewhere HCQ is OTC medicine in most the civilized world and that is proven effective with zpac in early stages of covid infection symptoms. It is OTC medicine as even stupid folks abusing it would have difficulty killing themselves by abusing it as is the rule with most OTC medicine.