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Published December 3, 2020 83 Views

Rumble Schaftlein Report | VOTE GEORGIA VOTE
Guest: Gary Demar
1) Lin Wood is a Democrat in Sheep's clothing. Sidney Powell is a Political Fool.
2) Rafael Warnock is a RADICAL who want to take away your guns. Never Trumpers support the Democrats.
Trump to hold rally Saturday in Valdosta, GA
3) Trump Rails against Joe Biden in 46 minute speach
4) Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Supreme Courts say NO to de-certifying the election
5) Pennsylvania results are continuing to look improbable statistically
6) McConnell, Schumer and Pelosi getting closer on Carona virus relief bill
7) 18 GOP Congress women elected
8) LA Mayor "Cancel Everything" / Minneapolis Carjackings up 537%
9) Walter Williams famed Economist 1936 - 2020