Tony Katz Today: If People Don't Trust Election Results, What Happens Next?

Published December 3, 2020 266 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

- The President addressed you me and we last night on Election 2020. We break down his speech and how the media is reacting to it.

- Lockdown resistance around the world. A Tequila Bar in the UK is registering to become a church to skirt strict shutdown rules. A bar owner in Staten Island was arrested for declaring his bar an autonomous zone in order to stay open during lockdowns.

- Instagram influencers are being used to sell houses in New York.

- Michigan State legislatures have been hearing from Trump’s legal team and sworn witnesses on irregularities and voter fraud.

- Lin Wood says republicans should boycott voting in the Senate runoff in Georgia. Lin Wood is wrong.

- Transgenderism in High School sports and the first female kicker in a Division 1 football game- public relations stunts or a cultural change happening before our eyes?

The Big Story:

It has been reported that a Republican Florida attorney is on record saying he is going to change his address for 2 months to vote in the Georgia runoff. He is encouraging other people to do it as well.

Stacey Abrams, failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate, that still has not conceded from her election is reportedly bringing out of state voters in to Georgia to vote in the runoff. Her group has been working to bring out of state voters into Georgia to vote.

If you have a problem with one, you have to have a problem with both. The most important thing is that we, the people, have trust in our elections.

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