Metamorphoses by FOOLS.

Published December 2, 2020 18 Views

Rumble The 7th single release from FOOLS in 2019 Part of a 12 part series being released once a month.

Written By, Scotty May.
Lyrics by, Jacob Miguel.
Performed by, FOOLS.
Recorded by, Scotty May
in a garage on a Tascam 388.
Mixed by, Hunter Levy.
Mastered By, Kevin Butler at
Test Tube Audio.

Directed and Edited by,
Jacob Miguel.
Production Designer,
Vanessa Montano.
Production Assistants:
Casey Casstevens,
Joe Gold.
filmed on a 1993 sony digital Hi8 Handicam

Special Thanks to:
Wakeena Real Photography.
The Mosaic Sound Collective.
Lucy in Disguise.
Lauren Molina.
David Bellarosa.
Uber XL panda