Waiter, There's Colonialism In My Soup: Bon Appétit's 'Haitian' Soup Recipe Draws Fire

Published December 2, 2020 23 Views

Rumble The internet, once again, is finding gourmet magazine Bon Appétit deeply distasteful.
According to Business Insider, the Condé Nast publication has been under fire for failing to include content from diverse peoples and cultures of color.
Now, readers say its recent recipe of traditional Haitian dish soup joumou is wildly inaccurate.
In fact, the recipe came from chef Marcus Samuelsson's cookbook 'The Rise.'
He says his soup, which calls for non-Haitian ingredients such as maple syrup, was only 'loosely inspired' by soup joumou.
The food magazine updated its recipe and re-wrote its byline after hundreds of one-star reviews, along with critiques on Twitter and Instagram.

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