Treason Emerging, Pollsters, MSM, DNC, GOP, Big Tech, C_A, Alliance SpecOps Server Takedown 11.30.20

Published December 2, 2020 27,437 Views

Rumble Revelations of the KRAKEN operation involved in entrapping the Deep State Cabal Players in the overthrow of US Sovereignty has put the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion in the headlines.

General Mike Flynn's Presidential Pardon of Innocence has staged it's own "Unleash the KRAKEN" with the man who has the goods on many of the traitors in America.

A highly classified raid on a CIA server farm in Frankfurt Germany has leaked into the narrative with an estimated 5 SpecOps soldiers losing their lives in the operation to acquire the servers containing evidence of the color revolution run on America by enemies inside the wire.

Initial reports are that CIA Director Gina Haspel was injured in the firefight and was sent to Gitmo for a military tribunal where she made a deal for a life sentence and has flipped to assist the Alliance in taking down other bad actors

We will see in the coning weeks what is true and how it all plays out.

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