Man has incredible close connection with wild owl in the forest

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsCameron has always had a gift for earning the trust of wildlife. His gentle approach has allowed him to hand feed wild deer, wild turtles, and even ocean creatures. He has always enjoyed bonding with animals and his family has often been amazed with how easily he can do this.
In his teens, Cameron perfected the art of imitating birds such as crows, ravens, and even owls. On forest hikes, Cameron calls to the birds and entertains his family as the birds answer his calls. On several occasions, owls have actually flown from deep in the woods to land in nearby trees.

On a rainy Canadian morning, Cameron was in the back yard of his home and he saw this beautiful barred owl on the edge of the forest that borders the yard. Feeling the desire to get closer, and some hope that he could record some video, Cameron began making his way over. For more than 20 minutes, he slowly inches closer as he calls to the owl and speaks in a soft voice. Incredibly, the owl stares directly at him as he approaches, but it also looks around, even turning its back or its head so that it isn't always able to see him. This suggests a serious level of trust and a feeling that he is no threat to the owl.

At one point the owl is perched on a broken limb and Cameron steps within five feet of it. The owl looks down at Cameron and at his phone that he is using to record. Even for Cameron, this is a close encounter and we hear the thrill and wonder in his voice. He is overwhelmed at the beauty of the bird and the magic of the interaction.

The owl makes a short flight into the cedar grove but it perches only a few steps away. Cameron followed and walked right up, this time being able to stand almost close enough to touch the owl. He extends his hand, inviting the owl to come and perch on his hand. Although this seems like a farfetched idea, the owl seems to be considering the idea. During this encounter, the owl sees movement on the forest floor nearby and she swoops down to grab at something. Cameron walked a little closer so he could see if she caught a mouse but it appears that maybe it was just a leaf that had been moving. The owl flies back up into a tree and Cameron walks up yet again. Cameron films from below the branch and reaches up again, almost touching the owl. As if wanting to keep out of reach, the owl flew, but only to a branch on the other side of Cameron.

It might have been curiosity or perhaps indifference, but this owl has no trouble with Cameron coming close. This is one of those videos that tells a story that few would believe if they didn't see it for themselves. But for Cameron's family, they aren't as surprised by this as you might think. They are all waiting to see what he comes up with next.

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