The Power of Detachment | Lauren Rainey Tenney

Published December 1, 2020 10 Views

Rumble Detaching yourself from the outcome of anything is incredibly freeing. Removing your worth, your happiness, your peace from the OUTCOME of situations actually gives power for the best possible outcome to happen. It sounds crazy or woo woo but I have experienced it enough to know.⠀

Let’s say you are in the running for a job. Removing fear, worry, your identity attached to achieving getting this job, will activate a HUGE power. I call it faith. You are letting God know that you have 100% faith and certainty that whatever is supposed to happen will! (His will not yours) And THAT my friends is what GOD is waiting on. That is what he cherishes. Relishes in and I believe blesses.⠀

It’s so hard Lauren! It’s hard because you want to control everything. I get it. And you’re used to worrying and being afraid. Start baby stepping your way to NOT being afraid (because you know what? You don’t HAVE to be afraid just because you are used to it) and just being.⠀

Your worth is not in outcomes. Let’s start living like we believe that. 💛

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