NRT (Neural Reset Therapy) - A Testimonial

Published December 1, 2020 1 Views

Rumble Our client called us and said he had a client who wanted to give an awesome testimonial. So we arranged a date and time ASAP, shot the video unscripted and on-location. Because it was unscripted, there was a ton of footage to go through to create the final product.

One other notable bit of information, Barbara - the person giving the testimonial - was very sensitive about having her right-side being on the video - so our cameras were positioned to the far left and at times we had to crop parts of the video in order to honor her request.

Our client is Ideal Flexibility and more information about the health practice may be found at

We have referred dozens of people to Ideal Flexibility for various issues and Rick Hall has alway made us look good!

... and disable advertisements! No kidding :)