MOAB! Dominion Employee Caught Manipulating Voter Tabulation In Gwinnett County GA

Published December 1, 2020 2,093 Views

Rumble Video From Code Monkey On Twitter

Tweets from him:

The machines should not be connected in any way. The fact that he plugged the Election Management System data into an external laptop and manipulated it in the file explorer before palming it is enough to consider the entire election in that county to be compromised.

The Election Management System (his first computer) should not be connected to anything and prepares tabulation reports for export to USB drive. You are supposed to deliver the USB drive, not plug it into an external laptop and manipulate it in the file explorer before palming it

This video is a smoking gun video of a Dominion Representative manipulating Gwinnett County's tabulation data by plugging an elections USB drive into an external laptop, editing something in file explorer then suspiciously walking away with the USB.

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