They're Trying to Destroy Evidence

Published November 30, 2020 589 Views

Rumble The walls are closing in on the coup plotters. DOJ plane went to Dominion HQ. Then down to Georgia. Barr went to Georgia. The Georgia case is pushing aggressively. Things are lining up for a lot of change in a short amount of time.

I anticipate major change over the next week or 2.


Casich statement "it's been 24 hours since John McCain was put to death"

PA formally contests the Election

Arizona lawmaker calls to withhold EV to Biden due to mass fraud

Arizona judge authorized limited inspection of duplicate ballots

Maximus PA Update

Maximus Georgia Update

Georgia GOP rep wiped election data from Fulton County server

Georgia Ballots Being loaded onto a truck

Foreign Mailing addresses for Georgia Voters

Georgia voters that live at UPS store

Court orders them to stop destroying evidence (probably too late)

Georgia ImageCast Central operator log

Witness claims the "server crash" in Fulton County Recount was actually server removal

DOJ Plane that visited Barr Went to Georgia on the 27th

AG Barr's plane headed to Georgia

DOJ Plane went to Virginia Next

People registering to vote for the Senate runoff election being investigated

Iran's IRGC Commander Killed by drone strike

Roberts rules that statistics data may be used as evidence

Blue Sky Report on the Insurrection Act and Suspension of Habeas Corpus

Articles of Impeachment filed against Governor Mike Dewine (OH)