Is It Time for Twitter to Fire Jack Dorsey?

Published November 30, 2020 94 Views

Rumble Twitter's stock price saw a sizable dip after the company's Q3 2020 earnings report indicated slowing user growth and called advertiser behavior “hard to predict”. Alex discusses why he thinks Twitter needs a change at the CEO position and explains why flat user growth and engagement is a grim indicator for the micro-blogging social platform. He goes on to detail Twitter's recent censorship issues, lack of innovation, and seemingly partisan stance throughout the election.

This is an excerpt from episode 123 of Winner Take All. Watch the full episode here:

Originally Aired: 11/03/20
#SocialPlatform #Regulation #BigTech

00:00 - Subscribe for Tech & Business News Daily
00:29 - Twitter Q3 2020 Earnings Report
01:03 - User Growth Estimates
01:48 - Twitter Partisanship
02:34 - Letter to Shareholders
03:18 - Flat Engagement = Tech Death
04:21 - Leadership Issues?
04:54 - No Other Options?
05:57 - No Product Innovation
06:49 - Lost Billion in Market Cap

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