Delicious recipes: How to execute the perfect cheese risotto

Published November 30, 2020 439 Views $0.13 earned

In this video, you will see how easy making risotto can be. An easy risotto doesn't mean a bad one. It means choosing the right rice, heat levels, stirring frequency and other factors. We are going to go through all of the techniques and ingredients, and I even give a few tips throughout the way.

If you find yourself caught in an episode of Hell's Kitchen, you won't be a target of Gordon Ramsay constantly yelling for messing it up!

So what kind of issues or problems are you trying to solve by watching this video?

- Keep the risotto from sticking to the pan
- Avoid a greasy risotto
- Learn when the rice is cooked
- Find the right rice for risotto
- Water to rice ratio for risotto

All of these questions can be answered in this video!

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