8. The Dragon

Published November 29, 2020 2 Views

Rumble Mrs. Jones is a substitute teacher at the Doll City Academy. She’s very strict, and most students can’t stand her. Things get interesting when students find out she’s Vanessa’s mother.

Welcome to Doll City, a fun, family-friendly show for kids of all ages. Learning and playing together turns friends Kimberly, Perla, and Vanessa into the family. Join them each week for new Doll adventures filled with laughs and life lessons. If you like Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse, you will love Doll City. With professional stop-motion videography and high-quality special effects, this show is not just for kids. It's fun for the whole family - like Fuller House with dolls!

An ELD Studios, Inc. Production | Productions Assistants: Tamara Pierre & Miriam Bourbia | Scripts: T.C. De Witt | Voiceovers: Emily Bombsauce | Costumes & Props: Mirlande Joseph