Why would a scientist embrace Christianity?

Published November 29, 2020 208 Views $0.03 earned

Rumble The point being made is that science offers facts and is verifiable. Christianity does not seem to do that. But it is a misleading question because Christianity is a faith, not a science and not relevant to science, although there are some who try hard to reconcile the faith with the science.

A valid point, but unworthy, is that science is not fact based or verifiable, as climate research has shown us, but there is a case for comparing science and Christianity and seeing how they apply to individuals. The title question is misleading because scientists can be Christians and have no issues with their discipline interacting with their faith. But, some individuals fail to reconcile their faith and their science.
Following is a few thoughts.

Science does not disprove God. Also science does not make sense of who God is and what characteristics God would have. Whatever questions science examines, are not relevant to God. God is not infinite in the scientific sense, nor does God have infinite scientific intelligence as we seem to believe we have in encyclopedia. God is described in the Bible as being the beginning and the end, and creating Earth and the Heavens, but the definitions become meaningless when examining them under the guise of physics or chemistry. Yet they have great wisdom and application for examining the role an individual has in including God in their life.

No sane person will use the Bible to build a rocket ship, navigate by stars or calculate Pi. In writing that, I am aware that that view is contentious and that there are many literalists who would feel compelled to argue with me on that point. I am willing to do so, or ignore them, in much the same way that scientists are slow to address the glaring deficiencies of the IPCC and climate research. Or the study of race. Or phrenology. It is admitted that whole communities are involved with the insane, but that is hardly the fault of Christianity or science.

It is an oft used argument that Christians choose their religion as a crutch, to feel good in difficult times. There is substantial satisfaction for Christians in maintaining their faith. Were it to be argued that such rewards are natural; a result of evolution, that would hardly disprove the existence of God. For surely that would be the way God rewards his faithful. But does science make people happy? Can science provide security for an individual as they go through their lives? Every one will experience loss in their lives. Loss of a parent, siblings, love, pets, witnessing desire evolve through dissatisfaction. It is probably natural for scientists to yearn for the comforts that Christianity provides.

Which brings me back to my original point. Christianity offers facts which are verifiable, in much the same way that science does .. but the facts and the verification process are not the same because they aren't for the same class of studies. A Christian finds their faith challenged daily, and each day provides an affirmation for their faith. Much as each day provides an affirmation for science as it allows people to explore the furthest reaches of the known universe.