Robert Bloch Egyptian Tales--Episode 2 "The Opener of the Way" (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)

3 years ago

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A terrified man encounters the curse of Scarabaeus after stealing a mummy. A father and son pay a terrible price for angering the god Anubis. And a robber of tombs is left to die alone in the desert after encountering the Faceless God, as we continue a series of Egyptian tales from Robert Bloch. This one may incur the wrath of the Egyptian gods.

Our second episode is “The Opener of the Way”. This horrific tale published in the October 1936 issue of Weird Tales continues our Robert Bloch Egyptian series.

As stated by Weird Tales:
A tremendous tale about the dread doom that overtook an archeologist in that forgotten tomb beneath the desert sands of Egypt.
The story concerns an archeologist, Sir Ronald Barton, and his son Peter as they find the lost tomb of Anubis.
What dark secrets will Sir Ronald and Peter find in the tomb of Anubis? In desecrating the tomb will they see the wrath of The Opener of the Way?--JL

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