How to make the best burger ever right at home

Published November 29, 2020 400 Views $2.47 earned

Here is how you could make the best burger in the world at home. This burger is quick, fast, easy and most important delicious! Making burgers from ground beef is not expensive and is a tasty dinner for any occasion. You need to make this burger recipe, it will change your life forever!

This recipe is sure to make you the burger king (see what I did there?) or queen of your neighborhood BBQ! I have made a lot of great burgers, but this blend of burger meat is my favorite and a great burger patty makes all of the difference when you eat. The ciabatta bun is fantastic, but a great brioche or pretzel bun could also be used. I used a 7 year cheddar cheese, but if you like a different cheese, experiment and make it your own!

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