"Who is Scott McKay" Post Election Update #5 REMOVED from Youtube

Published November 28, 2020 565,613 Views

Rumble Scott is the Host of "The Tipping Point" on Revolution.Radio, a high octane, hard hitting Truth Hammer on anyone and everyone who is working against the betterment of humanity. This list includes dirty politicians, criminal central banker, big tech CEO's, ABC agencies, The Vatican, Hollywood and elite pedophiles and SRA community, the bloodline families including the Rothschilds and Rockefeller's and the Royal families of Europe.

This episode is a look at the movement of building a Global Unity Bridge worldwide to bring all nations peoples together to collaborate thru live video platforms, pairing participants with people in other nations.

This initiative brings us together to learn about each other and have a personal interest in the well being of all the worlds citizens as we remove the elite governing criminals who've used all of us as pawns on their chessboard.

If you'd like to join the many thousands from who've come aboard even before the platform is launched you can do so...
Global Unity Bridge - Come join the global Patriot Revolution and be a part of bridging worldwide patriots together. Be connected with an international Patriot Zoom Pal to communicate with in groups and strategize together on how to build Citizen Patriot Communication Lines worldwide and take back the planet from the limiting power structure.

To join email - Scott@TTPRadio.com with first and last name, location in the world and typed email. SUPPORT & DONATE To support the initial foundation and organization of this mission you can use the DONATE
link on “The Tipping Point” Mobile Connect at http://PatriotsRiseUp.com

or use this DIRECT link: https://checkout.square.site/merchant/8VTEZ09FRJNPA/checkout/ZDUWME7UJZ6F6ZMRGIFAZWHQ

Connect with me on Twitter @SAMcKay3 & Parler @ScottMcKay3 You can access "The Tipping Point" LIVE on Revolution Radio at...

http://revolution.radio every Monday @ 8-10pm EASTERN in STUDIO B
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