Great Dane Puppy Has Adorable Fight With Her Back Leg

Published November 28, 2020 9,172 Views $19.87 earned

Raven is a an 11 month old puppy who loves to play and chew things as all puppies do. She has a collection of balls and toys that would be the envy of any dog, but sometimes her favourite chew toy is her own back leg. As she was lying on her couch in the living room, she took sudden notice of her back leg as it it were a an animal of its own. She suddenly lunged at it and bit it. The leg in her mouth kept straightening as if trying to escape. As this was repeated over and over again it was difficult to tell if she was completely aware of the fact that it was her own leg. But perhaps this is just the sense of humour that dogs possess.

Part of the fun of owning a dog is watching the loveable and ridiculous things that they do to entertain themselves. It is the unique character traits and habits that are so endearing for us and make us watch them with such rapt attention.

Great Danes are a particularly loveable breed. They are spectacularly graceful at full gallop and adorably clumsy on their long legs at other times. Owners of this breed will tell you that they act much like humans in the way they sprawl out across an entire couch, or in the way that they sit with their front legs on the floor, seated much like a person. The breed is also famous for heavily leaning on their people in an adorably affectionate manner. Almost everyone who welcomes a Great Dane into their family falls completely in love with the breed and cannot bear to be without at least one.

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