Former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Mike Yeadon on COVID

2 years ago

Dr. Mike Yeadon is the former Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Pfizer, a major global drug company.

He explains:
- The background history of vaccination science.
- That the lockdowns in his country of England are unnecessary.
- That the virus "is nothing more than a bad flue season".
- That the pandemic of this relatively harmless virus is already over and done.
- That the widespread mandatory testing is counter-productive due to the high false-positive rates: the tests return "Positive" if a person has been exposed to the virus in the past but does not currently have an infection.
- That there is widespread immunity to COVID already: 65% or more of the population of England.
- That the narrative that "some individuals do not develop immunity to COVID, and can catch it multiple times" is wrong.
- That the English Strategic Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) does not understand COVID and is making bad decisions.

...and much more.

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