How to make perfect salmon every single time

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We take you though how to sear salmon, the best way to oven roast salmon, and other tips and tricks to make your own salmon recipe. I use the technique to cook any fish and once you try this once, you will know how to cook fish at home.

The two most important steps in the video are drying your fish and to preheat a pan. But if the salmon char is too dark for your liking, you could leave it a minute less on the stovetop. Below is a timeline snap and links to my favorite fish cooking tools!

When you cook the salmon, you put it meat side down (skin side up) in the pan with a light coating of oil. Allow it to cook for 2-3 minutes and place it in a 425 degree oven. A thick piece should take 7 minutes, thinner ones 4-5 minutes.

Once the salmon is cooked, it should move freely in the pan. You should be able to flip it without a easily and have a nice, even crust on the fish.


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