UNDAUNTED Leadership - Preview

Published November 27, 2020 17 Views

Rumble Host and Leadership Expert, Kevin L. Maevers previews his new podcast UNDAUNTED Leadership by reviewing the results of the 2020 elections and discussing why we must all remain #UNDAUNTED as we prepare for Nov. 2022

It is my goal to bring new, exciting, and relevant information, together with the stories that you want to hear, so that YOU can make a difference in your community. If you know of a local leader in politics, public service, social organizations, or business, that would like to be on the show, then send an email to: UNDAUNTED@maevers.biz. Additionally, if you have any feedback, comments, questions, or advice for a future topic, please send that email to: UNDAUNTED@maevers.biz. Don’t feel like sending an email? Then look me up on Parler, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and send me a private message.

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