2 years ago

Episode #50 - The Truth About Party Over Principles

It bothers me immensely when politicians and talking heads propose intellectually lazy and dishonest policies that they know will do more harm than good. Then your friends, family and the faceless, and often nameless, folks on social media jump on the bandwagon. Their prescriptions are not based on principles (or so I thought) rather, they appear to be based on party (or group think).

I am no longer willing to cut these folks any slack because they can easily spend a few minutes on an Internet search and read multiple sides of any argument or policy. They can easily spend a few minutes trying to determine what the truth is.

Why then does this phenomenon exist? Why do those who subscribe to this form of public policy advocacy resort to low-ball tactics when it comes to the treatment of their ideological foes? You know: name-calling, violence, vilification, shutting down the speech of dissenters, mocking, de-platforming, boycotting, and censorship!

After much reflection and study, I believe these people are, indeed, principle-driven. That principle is winning - - - winning at all costs. Nothing else explains this behavior.

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