Did Covid Jack Your 401k?

Published November 27, 2020 12 Views

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This year of 2020 has been quite the challenge with the Covid Pandemic. It has rocked households that seemed stable and not ever shaken. People lost jobs, homes, their entire environments changed.

To say it has rocked our world is quite the understatement!

But with that said, let me tell you how Patrick and I can help you. We can first offer our support and understanding during a very uncertain time. We can offer guidance for your investments. Maybe you lost you job, only to be left with your 401K not knowing what to do next. There are options to rollover that investment and get you into something similar or more conservative.

Protecting your family is top priority so life insurance should be a topic we discuss. Life insurance has changed quite a bit over the last 10 years with living benefits--allowing you to access the policy if you have terminal, critical, or chronic issues while YOUR LIVING to pay off your mortgage, pay off bills, whatever YOU want to to use it for--YOU CAN!

Finally we can offer you work, WHAT...
Yes we can offer you to become an agent yourself. If your interested in learning more please click link below to schedule an appointment Patrick and I. https://overview.colburnfinancial.com/drainer/

Patrick and I are mission minded to helping families everyday. Protecting their family is our top priority. We want to make sure if something happens to you, your family is taken care of.

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