Love For Your Heart ~Poinsettia

Published November 26, 2020 11 Views

Rumble Love For Your Heart ~Poinsettia
Melodies of Our Plants
Plantwave Recording
November 26,2020
Thank You Poinsettia
Recorded using Heart Chakra F note Hz528Tuned to what many call "The Love Freqency" Heart Chakra note F 528Hz is designed to hold space for practice of Gratitude for Our Bodies and Our Earth! Melodies of Our Plants ~ listening to music from our plants. I use a small device called “Plantwave” which used to be called “Midi Sprout” and their special app that turns the plants BioData into music we can listen to. I carefully attach the tens pads or alligator clips to the plant and plug that into the Plantwave device. The Plantwave device then connects to their special App on my Ipad turning the plants biodata into music we can listen to. The Plantwave Team is upgrading the Midi Sprout this November 2020 to Plantwave. And I totally love it! As Plantwave upgraded so have I. The name was changed from “Music of the Plants” to “Melodies of Our Plants”. Up until Nov 2020, there was one choice for music styles, but now there are many. I absolutely LOVE connecting with nature this way as much as nature LOVES connecting with us like this. It’s a very powerful gift we have been given and I am deeply grateful to be able to do this. Mother Nature loves us beyond our imaginations, we can’t imagine how much she loves us; we just can’t. It is my goal over the next few years to record as many Elderly Plants and Trees as possible, too share their message to us in a new way. Every plant and tree has a purpose, a gift to offer and connection with each other and most of us! If you are listening to one of these recordings you are hearing the message that plant has for you! The photographs in each video are the actual plant being recorded. Please consider playing these recordings for family and friends who cannot get out in nature for a refresh. I don’t want to limit where, when or why you give these melodies a listen, so if you have the thought to try it when- then I suggest trying it right away…. Trouble Falling Asleep, Feeling the Winter Blues, Needing a Tree Hug, Just Needing a Refresher, Healing and so much more!

PlantWave detects slight electrical variations in a plant via two electrodes placed on the leaves. These variations are graphed as a wave, which is translated into pitch messages that play musical instruments designed by the Plantwave Team! Other characteristics of the wave change the textural qualities of those sounds. The result is a continuous stream of pleasing music that gives you a sonic window into the secret life of plants.