What NO ONE tells you about vocal damage; polyps, nodules and reflux, & loosing your voice forever

How do you know when you’ve hurt your voice or caused vocal damage? Master vocal coach Kim Snyder shows you the signs to look for, what NOT to do and how to know the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly.

Why do singers get vocal nodules or polyps? Bleeding blood vessels? Can acid reflux hurt your voice?

Why are more than 60,000 people permanently losing their voices every year in one medical system alone?

You are the only one who can protect your own voice from harm.

On this episode of The Voice Club Training livestream replay, learn actionable information to reduce or eliminate acid reflux, how to know if pain or strain is really vocal damage

And learn what NO ONE will tell you about the risk for permanent damage to your voice in any outpatient procedure (& what to do about it)

STOP taking singing lessons. Learn to master your own voice; keep it healthy and uncover your real vocal potential.

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