2 years ago

Episode #23 - The Truth About Nullification

The federal government is not supposed to be this gargantuan entity that is involved in virtually every aspect of our lives. The states created the federal government via the Constitution. They granted the federal government a few powers while all others were left to the states. Unfortunately, modern America's political system is a far cry from the Founder's vision of limited power at the federal level. Fortunately there is a method whereby the power that the federal government tries to wield can be checked. That method is called nullification.

Nullification is the practice whereby states resist federal actions that they deem unconstitutional. In this episode, I introduce you to the concept, dispel quite a few inaccurate assumptions made by mainstream news outlets and so-called historians and provide you with several examples of nullification efforts currently going on today.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Tom Woods and The Tenth Amendment Center who have written extensively on this subject.

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