2 years ago

Episode #12 - The Truth About Socialized Medicine

This is the second of four healthcare-related episodes. In Episode #9, I discussed the truth about healthcare in America as a way to lay the groundwork for the other three – the truth about socialized medicine, the truth about Obamacare, and the truth about real healthcare reform.

The truth about socialized medicine or government-run medical systems is wherever it has been implemented, the results have been people suffering from shortages, rationing of care, long wait times, a lower level of care, there is no incentive to shop for better prices (or better service), and the denial of experimental drugs, innovative procedures, and new technologies.

Why would we willingly endorse and enroll in a healthcare system that has proven to be inferior to the one we currently have?

Why would we willingly put our health in the hands of a bunch of faceless bureaucrats who could care less about us personally?

What is it about other nations' socialized medicine programs that is worthy of emulation?

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