Noob Vs Pro SSO Dressage, Star Stable, Quinn Ponylord

Published November 26, 2020 77 Views

Rumble Hello & Welcome to My Rumble!

I enjoy making Star Stable videos like: dressage guides, how to's, training times, & just SSO stuff in general. I hope you have a fun time watching my videos!

Today's video is Pro vs. Noob Dressage.

♛ Frequently Asked Questions ♛
↠ Character name: Quinn Ponylord
↠ Server: Hazy Galaxy
↠ Level: 20
↠ Club: Metal Queens
↠ Dressage Level: Elite
↠ How can I join your club? Shoot me a mail on SSO saying you want to join Metal Queens, & we'll go from there!

Instagram: @quinnponylord
Website & Merch: