The Number of the Beast in Covid Vaccine

Published November 26, 2020 1,587 Views

Rumble Lucifer is the name of satan, (aka the name of “the beast”). The technology uses “Luciferase” / “Luciferin”. Meaning, an injection using this technology has an ingredient that’s literally called “Lucifer in”.

The technology has an observable association with the number of “the beast” (666) and has the potential to control buying/selling. There is a patent filed for “human body activity associated with a…cryptocurrency system.” Cryptocurrency=buying and selling.

The patent was filed on 03/26/2020 and its number/name is: “WO2020060606 — CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA”. WO=the patent listing website WIPO; 2020=the year it was filed; and #060606=similar to 666, aka the number of “the beast.”