Experts Say If Giuliani Is Disbarred, It Won't Be Over The Election

Published November 25, 2020 301 Views

Rumble Rudy Giuliani is up against numerous calls for his license to practice law to be revoked.
But the bar to disbarment is set very high, and legal experts are divided as to whether Giuliani's conduct has been egregious enough to merit such a harsh punishment.
According to Business Insider, President Donald Trump's personal attorney has been criticized for frivolous, dishonest litigation.
Experts say that disbarment is unlikely, though Giuliani could face lesser sanctions from state bar associations and courts.
Although Giuliani got more attention for his recent courtroom antics regarding the general election, other activities actually put him at greater risk.
Specifically, if he's convicted in a case stemming from a federal probe related to his work in Ukraine on behalf of Trump, which led to Trump's impeachment.

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