Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher: A Music City Love Story

Published November 25, 2020 76,853 Views

Rumble How does someone get lucky enough to marry an American Idol winner and country music royalty like Carrie Underwood? Oh, you know, just be a super handsome professional athlete, is all. Is being a hockey player hard to do?

Underwood and her husband, Nashville Predators star and Canada native Mike Fisher, might seem like an odd couple at first (hockey and country music aren't exactly a natural pairing) but once you see them and hear their love story it's obvious the two belong together.

Underwood and Fisher met in late 2008 backstage at one of her concerts. Fisher was a friend of Underwood's bass player Mark Childers, who'd been trying to set up the two for a while (though Underwood says she wasn't interested). God had other plans, though. Once Underwood met the then-Ottawa Senators player, however, she pretty much immediately changed her mind about him. (His jawline will do that.)

However, dating wasn't easy. Both Underwood and Fisher had busy schedules. The Cry Pretty singer and the hockey player had to do things long distance for a while. They talked on the phone regularly before finally meeting up again and sharing their first kiss on New Year's Eve in Times Square as the ball dropped. So basically the most romantic first kiss ever. Underwood even made the first move! According to her, Fisher isn't a big PDA guy, so she figured she should initiate things.

By December 2009 the couple was engaged. (Not surprising that Fisher wanted to lock her down). on July 10, 2010, at the Ritz-Carlton resort on Lake Oconee, Georgia, the couple got married. For a while, the couple split time between living in Nashville, Tennessee and Ontario, Canada. They admitted it wasn't easy but then, through some good fortune, Fisher was traded to the Nashville Predators of all teams.

In 2015 the couple welcomed their first child, Isaiah Michael Fisher, into the world. The baby boy is now four years old and likes to come on stage with his mom at concerts. Then, on January 21st, 2019, Isaiah became a big brother when the country singer and her husband were blessed again with a second son, Jacob Bryan Fisher.

With a big family, a handsome and successful husband, and an incredible career as a country music icon, things are looking pretty good for Carrie Underwood's family.