How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey

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Rumble Carving a turkey the right way is the difference between an amazing Thanksgiving platter and a pile of shredded meat. We take you through the best way to carve turkey. We talk about how to remove the thighs, legs and wings. How to slice turkey breast so the skin stays on for a beautiful presentation. How long to rest a turkey before cutting and how to decorate a thanksgiving platter.
When you breakdown a turkey the right way, you get extra meat for turkey leftovers, a carcass for making turkey stock or soup, and incredible skin for snacking.

** Temperatures **
Oven temperature 375 (350 with convection)
International temperature of turkey when done 165

*** Tools for Making Turkey ***
Brine Injector
Probe Thermometer
Butcher Twine
Foil Turkey Pan
Cutting Board
Shun Carving Kit

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