Conservative Criticism of Charlie Kirk

Published November 25, 2020 131 Views

Rumble Conservative activist, influencer, author, speaker, political commentator, and founder of Turning Point USA + Students for Trump, Charlie Kirk, has been raising eyebrows recently with his looks and actions. From 2012 RNC, to 2016 RNC and now the 2020 election, Charlie has some suspect things on his resume and suspect corporate backing that may indicate he is at a turning point in his life and career should Trump lose his run for a second term to stay in the White House for four more years. In this video, I share some things over the years that don't sit right with me like; always trying to sell something to his audience, funding of his organization, flip on support for Trump, emotional reactions to things, his views on censorship, his similarities to former Turning Point employee Candace Owens and more.

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