Abomination of Desolation

Published November 25, 2020 55 Views

Rumble This is the Last Sunday After Pentecost in the Church’s Traditional calendar. It brings us the Gospel about the abomination of desolation. Frightening indeed. It is presented as a dire warning.

It was Christ’s word on the pending destruction of irreverent Jerusalem, which happened in the year 70, with the terrible slaughter buy Titus. But, it is also His dire warning for each of us to get prepared (spiritually) for the end times, in general; as well as for our own particular end, individually, as we all eventually meet our maker.

Where this gospel can tend to send some to run for cover and hide under their blanket, turning a blind eye to the reality wishing it would all go away, it is nice this gospel is (like a good wine with dinner) paired with a consoling and encouraging Epistle from St. Paul.

In the Epistle St. Paul is the one that is encouraging (and praying for) us who have received the truth to persist in the application of the Faith; such that we may be partakers of the “lot of the saints.” Afterall, that is why we are here. To persist through the difficulties and challenges, with patience and suffering, to eventually be filled with the joy of seeing Truth face-to-face. Ah, that is the plan.

For me, I see a direct correlation to the times through which we are living now, with this 2020 election. Not a correlation so much to the end times; but in that, in persistence and prayer, truth will be revealed to us in the end of this election – just was it will be at the end of our life, for those of us who have remained faithful will be rewarded. So too must we pray that Truth be revealed (and upheld) in this election.