BMW Brake Caliper Rebuild & Bleed 1998-2006

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Rumble Rebuild your own brake calipers and save money!

Brake fluid is very corrosive. Make sure to keep it off your skin and anything else you care about, and always recycle your used automotive fluids!

Brake caliper seals are different depending on your car. Find the part numbers you need at
Brake caliper dust caps:
Brake cleaner:
Disc brake caliper lube:
DOT4 brake fluid:
Rubber hose:
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• 17mm socket
• 16mm S-wrench
• 16mm ratcheting box wrench
• 14mm flare wrench
• 9mm box wrench
• Regular flathead screwdriver
• Tiny flathead screwdriver
• Angled pick
• Coarse steel wool
• Plastic mallet
• Torque wrench
• Impact wrench
• Jack and jack stands
• Rubber gloves
• Safety glasses
• Fluid drain pan
• Brake cleaner
• Rubber hose with ¼” inner diameter
• Disc brake caliper lubricant
• One bottle of DOT4 brake fluid
• New seals for all four brake calipers
• And a helper to pump the brake pedal for me

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