Scott Atlas ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 6-24-2020

Published November 25, 2020 567 Views $0.04 earned

Rumble Many officials continue to pursue a Covid-19 mitigation policy of broad societal lockdown focusing on containing the spread of the disease at all costs, instead of the original objective of “flattening the curve” and preventing hospital overcrowding. Although well-intentioned, the lockdown was imposed without consideration of its consequences beyond those directly resulting from the pandemic.

Dr. Scott Atlas will relate how continuing these lockdown policies are yielding devastating ramifications far beyond the damage of the virus itself. Apart from simple lost income, lives are being sacrificed due to delayed or denied health care due to the continued shutdown.

Dr. Atlas talks about his policy prescriptions for both our current crisis, and for when the next pandemic inevitably arises. Our nation needs to remember these lessons and learn to follow policies that consider the lives of all Americans from the outset.

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