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Published November 24, 2020 224 Views

Rumble Artificial Intelligence has achieved extraordinary feats. Given the current state and trajectory of AI, for how much longer can humans remain the most intelligent creature on Earth?

This episode explores that question. We review the areas where AI has already achieved superhuman abilities, and cover the dwindling areas where humans still hold an edge.

It is a most-pressing question. Though we have held the title of “most intelligent species” for a hundred thousand years, we could be relieved of this title in a few decades.

Beginning: 00:00
Episode start: 00:25
What is intelligence: 03:00
Narrow vs strong AI: 04:29
Human intelligence: 05:25
Power of the human brain: 05:40
Abilities of the human brain: 07:55
The present state of artificial intelligence: 10:12
Communication abilities of AI: 10:28
Transcription: 11:14
Translation: 12:15
Comprehension: 13:07
Putting it all together: 18:52
Learning abilities of AI: 20:44
Video games: 21:09
Board games: 22:59
Partial information games: 25:50
Real-time games: 29:00
Beyond games: 31:04
Movement abilities of AI: 33:03
Driving: 34:37
Flying: 36:20
Nimble robots: 38:08
Recognition abilities of AI: 38:55
Creative abilities of AI: 41:44
Art: 43:02
Music: 45:42
Imagination: 48:55
Invention: 51:22
Reasoning abilities of AI: 54:23
Artificial intelligence and jobs: 58:22
Jobs taken by AI and automation: 59:40
Jobs threatened by AI: 01:01:15
AI in law: 01:02:07
AI in medicine: 01:05:03
AI in science: 01:10:19
AI in finance: 01:12:45
AI in entertainment: 01:13:52
AI in transportation: 01:16:05
AI in writing: 01:18:24
What jobs are safe: 01:20:22
The future of artificial intelligence: 01:22:20
Algorithms of intelligence: 01:24:06
Neural networks: 01:25:48
Computing trends: 01:28:05
An intelligence explosion: 01:30:20
The doomsday equation: 01:32:10
A singularity in history: 01:34:55
Superpowers of superintelligence: 01:37:08
Limits of intelligence: 01:39:40
Conclusions: 01:43:52
Are intelligent machines possible: 01:44:04
What does our future hold: 01:45:14
When will AI take over: 01:46:12
Credits: 01:48:00

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