Tony Katz Today: Free Speech Does Not End At Your Feelings

Published November 24, 2020 455 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

- 3rd Circuit Court is reviewing the Trump team’s Pennsylvania lawsuit. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp called for an audit on absentee ballots, but why wait until after certification?

- in 2018 3.5% of absentees ballots were rejected. In 2020 there were 4 times as many absentee ballots and only .3% were rejected. This is an important data piece and the challenges make sense.

- Pennsylvania certifies the election count for Joe Biden. The challenges continue.

- General Motors is recalling 7 million vehicles over airbag issues.

- Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has halted the sale of alcohol from 5pm Wednesday until 8am Thursday the night before Thanksgiving. This is not science.

- The President never said to inject bleach to cure COVID. This is just another lie that has been repeated enough that people have accepted it as truth.

The Big Story:

What has been happening on College Campuses? The attacks on free speech, the ideologically-driven curriculums and so much more. What does this mean for our children?

Students of Indiana University filed complaint over Joshua Wong, a prominent Hong Kong protester, being invited to speak on campus. They say the speaker violates Chinese students’ rights, advocates terrorism, and was offensive for the Chinese student populations.

The attack on Free Speech on our college campuses is not new, but it does not seem to be dying off. Controversial discussions are the most important type of discussions, no matter how it may make someone feel. Free Speech does not end at your feelings.

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