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3 years ago

We use numbers everyday to count, to measure, to order and estimate and so on.

Natural numbers are positive numbers that we use to count and order.

0, 3, 6, 10, 204, 1000…

In mathematical terminology, numbers used for counting are called “cardinal numbers” and numbers used for ordering are called “ordinal numbers”.

Mathematicians use N to represent a set of all natural numbers. The set of natural numbers is an infinite set. This infinity is called countable infinity.

Properties of natural numbers:

1. 0 is a natural number (but some mathematicians do not include it in the list of natural numbers)

2. Every natural number has a number that comes after it and is also a natural number

3. 0 does not come after any natural number

4. If the number that comes after x is equal to the number that comes after y, then x = y

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