THE TIMELINE - Donald Trump, Q and The Great Awakening.2020-06-22 (1080p30)

3 years ago

(From Charlie Freak)
This is the Podcast that most everyone has been waiting for, the Video package added to the epic layout of the Q Team's Takedown of the Cabal on Mark Devlin's show, GVP #161...this shows you PROOF POSITIVE with news stories (most from Mainstream sources), Articles, and Images that what Colleen and I laid out for you really happened, in the exact order we said, down to the Finest Degree of detail...

And what does this tell us? That Donald J. Trump is indeed a "White Hat", and the BEST President the World has ever witnessed...and it is HIGH time to view these events for what they are...Real History unfolding before our very eyes...the unbeatable Cabal DEFEATED, DESTROYED and SCATTERED to the Wind just as John and Robert Kennedy started nearly 60 years ago...the MIRACLE of God Intervention (777) has occurred, the Eucatastrophe has RISEN and our collective Salvation has been secured...and it is time for all the "Naysayers" to fall away in disgrace as they have worked thru Vile, Anger and unsubstantiated LIES to attempt to hijack (like Pirates) this Narrative of Truth and Love, and as such, they have attempted to block the Truth about what has really happened to BILLIONS of our precious Children...and only they and God truly know why they have done this...but know this...Consequences are coming for all those that partake in Evil, Dark deeds...

So rejoice my brethren, for our Liberty has truly been won...NESARA is very real, and our Futures look so bright that we are all going to have to wear Sunglasses from time-to-time...and finally, a GREAT THANKS to our wonderful Friend, Felipe Alexander, for putting this together on all of our is a gift that we won't soon forget...Blessing to Felipe and his beautiful Family, and to EVERYONE so that they may now find the Peace necessary to heal themselves in the hope that they will then aid in the Healing of others...the solution to true success in Life my Friends is to GIVE...and then you will know what it really means to RECEIVE...and Receive you will!!!

So enjoy this Video and marvel in the brilliance of the Plan that was steeped in Goodliness and Godliness...Namaste, my brethren!

Charlie Freak
(That was from Charlie's channel. The video portion, the last 1.5 hours, is being re-hosted by SoulWorthy.)

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