Almost 10k DEAD people in Michigan voted with absentee ballots here are 1000 of them.

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Rumble Almost 10,000 dead people applied for absentee ballot in Michigan, got it and returned it and their vote counted according to MI website. Here is a video of 1000 of them with their absentee voting records in 2020 with obituaries.

@fleccas on Twitter started wondering how did Trump lose Michigan and decided to check the Michigan election website and input dead people in Michigan to check whether those dead people had gotten absentee ballots and voted with absentee ballots.

First @fleccas found a few and publicized them and then a lot.

Turned out that almost 10,000 dead people had voted in Michigan with absentee ballots.

Here is a list of those almost 10,000 dead people who voted in Michigan alone:

@fleccas was amazed that after the list and this news had spread a bit on Twitter that media was NOT investigating the issue but instead running factchecks (CNN, NYT) that claimed that NO dead people had voted when Michigan website showed that almost 10,000 dead people had voted in Michigan alone so @fleccas made a video of 1000 dead people and on the video checked on the Michigan election website that these 1000 DEAD people had applied for absentee ballots and returned those absentee ballots and @fleccas also checked their obituaries on the same video.

Part of the reason for the video was that maybe the Democrat Secretary of state in Michigan would start hiding the proof of Democrats absentee ballot election fraud by deleting the voting records of those almost 10,000 dead people from the election website.

So the video has 1000 DEAD people who voted in Michigan and altogether at least nearly 10,000 dead people voted in Michigan.

How is this possible since dead people obviously can NOT vote?

It is quite simple:

1. Democrat officials keep dead people on the voter rolls so Democrat operatives can apply for absentee ballots in Michigan and other states using these dead people's voter registrations and ask for the absentee ballots to be delivered to some other address than the dead people's address.
(Most states allow absentee ballots to be requested to some other address than the registered voters address).

But how can the Democrat operatives get these absentee ballots?

It is simple. The Democrats have the registered voter's lists and pick from there all the dead people and use their voter registration info (name, address) on the absentee ballot application and then input whatever else the state requires like birthdate which can be gotten from public records and some states ask for more things like fathers name or mothers maiden name which can be also gotten from public records.

Then they sign the absentee ballot application with the dead person's name in the Democrat operatives own handwriting and put the ballot application in the mail (some states allow absentee ballot requests by email so even the signature is NOT required, just a free email account from somewhere).

But how oh how do the states send the absentee ballots after receiving the absentee ballot application when the signature does NOT match the dead persons signature on the voter registration?

Easy, there is CONTROL FRAUD by Democrats running the election systems so in states that should have signature verification on the absentee ballot application BEFORE absentee ballot is sent by law the Secretary of State makes rules that lead to such tight timetable requirements that there is no time to check signatures (especially when Democrat operatives flood the system with lots of absentee ballot applications by dead people on the same day that Democrat controlled organizations also flood the system with legitimate absentee ballot applications they have gotten through their campaigns) when turnaround time required by Democrat Secretary of State is 24-48 hours from receiving the absentee ballot application or Secretary of State instructs the clerks to NOT really check signatures (usually some "pending litigation" by Democrat Party of Democrat controlled organizations is used as an excuse to do this like the Michigan Secretary of state did) and some states have NO requirement to check the signatures on the absentee ballot applications before sending absentee ballots and some like AZ accept the absentee ballot applications thru email with no signature needed.

There are also corrupted Democrat clerks in some counties with total Democrat domination who think that they are supposed to work for their team Democrats and not check the signatures even when there is a Republican Secretary of State.

Since the County is Democrat run and State level Republicans are usually foolish like in Georgia what is there to stop them, media always says that "there is NO election fraud" and FBI and DOJ say the same and do NOT investigate anything so how would they get caught?

But surely, surely when the Democrat operatives return the dead people's absentee ballots through mail or dropping them into drop boxes there must, must be checks and signature verification and these fraudulent ballots must be stopped in the signature verification and NOT counted?

LOL, you think Democrats apply for 10,000 dead people's absentee ballots just for fun and return them to get nothing?

Of course there is CONTROL FRAUD also when the absentee ballots are received and the Democrat secretary of state can make orders that they must be accepted even with not quite so matching signatures again using "pending litigation" as the reason since Democrats are always eager to sue to make election fraud and especially absentee ballot election fraud easier, in some states like Georgia Republicans like Raffensperger actually AGREED to the Democrats lawsuit demands that IF the signature on the absentee ballot does NOT match voter registration signature the absentee ballot envelope signature must be checked against the signature on the absentee ballot application (you know the fraudulent ones) and if it matches accepted.
Raffensperger also tied clerks hands behind their backs and made rejecting non-matching signatures so onerous (even if they did NOT match either the voter registration signature OR the fraudulent absentee ballot application) that 3 clerks were needed for each rejected signature and this only led to a cure process which brought more work for the clerks instead of disqualification of the ballot.

There are also corrupt clerks in Democrat dominated counties who are again working for their "team" Democrats and accept signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes that do NOT match to the voter registration signatures.

But what about Republicans?
Surely they have observers?

LOL, as you have seen if you have been paying attention Republican observers can be shut out of the process, kept at 25 feet or 6 feet, harassed, insulted, locked out and the local police just threaten to arrest the Republican observers if they complain and refuse to do anything and when Republican observers complain to supervisors in the counting place they just shrug and do nothing about the harassment or the wrongdoing, fraud and irregularities.

Also in some totally Democrat dominated cities like Philly the Republicans jobs depend on the Democrat machine so they will come out and say there was NO fraud and everything went fine when their Democrat bosses tell them to do that.

FBI and DOJ officials sit in their offices and Barr keeps talking something that sounds nice and write's a letter and that is enough work for AG Bill Barr.

In Michigan also the state legislature that is Republican controlled was for some reason hoodwinked to pass a law specifically ONLY for the 2020 election that allowed pre-processing of absentee ballots to start a day before election (like you know signature checks) if a county with over 25,000 people applied for it and Democrat officials named special people to do that instead of regular clerks and the one day early star dropped most of the Republican observers out of the loop and there was almost nobody to even harass.

So since dead people can apply, get and return absentee ballots that are counted in Michigan how about other types of absentee ballot election fraud?:

There are those who have moved out of state but are still on the voter rolls and these are used by Democrats also to apply for absentee ballots using their voter registration, ask for delivery in some other address than the registered voters address, filled out and sent to be counted through the same corrupt system where signature verifications have been crippled as described above.

5.B. There are also people who still live in the sate but who usually do NOT vote and Democrats use these people's voter registrations too.
Fill out the absentee application using their details, request delivery to some other address than the registered voter's address (so they notice NOTHING if they do not vote) and fill out votes for Biden and then send to be counted and have them counted even when the signature does not match using the same corrupted system as described above.
Best part:
If the usually not active voter decides to come to vote for Trump they are told in the voting place that they have submitted an absentee ballot already. When they say NO I have NOT they are told "maybe it is a glitch" and given a provisional ballot and they fill that out and think they voted. But since the fraudulent absentee ballot with the NOT matching signature has already been or will be "signature verified" it is that one that will be counted and the provisional ballot will be tossed and NEVER counted.

Special shout out for innovation in enabling absentee ballot election fraud goes to Maricopa County in Arizona where the Democrat officials have invented a genius way of getting fraudulent absentee ballots with signatures that do NOT match the voter registration signature accepted and counted-> they have a voicemail for "signature verification"where the Democrat operatives can call and say the voter's name whose voter registration they stole to fraudulently request an absentee ballot and cast fraudulent vote with that absentee ballot and NO SIGNATURE IS NEEDED in the "Maricopa County Special" "signature verification" instead just saying the voter's name in the voicemail and some detail is enough like mother's maiden name or state or country of birth etc. all things which are available from public records.

If Detroit, Milwaukee, Philly and Atlanta would not be so full of absentee ballot election fraud in my opinion Maricopa County should be declared the absentee ballot election fraud capital.

The funnies part is that the elections official who invented this way to do "signature verification" which enables absentee ballot election fraud told about it in the Board of Supervisors meeting that ceritifed the Maricopa county election results on NOBODY on the board of supervisors in Maricopa noticed that the system is AGAINST black letter Arizona law.

This video and everything I wrote is dedicated to Michigan Republican Fred Upton who went on CNN 22th of November and said:
"no one has come up with any evidence of fraud" and "there is no issues of fraud anywhere" and attacked Trump.

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