Damien Schiff ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 7-14-2020

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Rumble Damien Schiff

It often feels like we are living through a never-ending series of national crises, and that each one provides a fresh justification for the expansion of government authority. But what can a private citizen do against the awesome power of government? How our courts treat constitutional liberties, including how they assure government power remains limited during an emergency, is as critical now as it has ever been.

Damien Schiff, Senior Attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, will share how he fights burdensome and arbitrary government action taken during emergencies. His talk will focus on the constitutional basis of emergency powers, the California Emergency Services Act, and how the courts view emergency measures that infringe on property and contract rights.

Hear Damien's compelling presentation on how he defends liberty against the power of an overreaching government.

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