A radical idea?

Published November 22, 2020 66 Views $0.03 earned

Rumble Can we make the pursuit of happiness a more level playing field? I whole-heartedly believe in rewarding innovators and incentivizing good ideas, but it cannot seriously be argued that the billionaires of the world have "earned" every penny to their name through the amount of sheer hard work they put in - the actual amount of effort and hours that they put in is not more than a person who works three minimum-wage jobs. The level of payoff is not justified. CEOs do not work harder than teachers, nurses, or police officers, so the astronomical difference in income does not reflect the level of energy/time invested. Plus many people nowadays make money doing nothing but watching their money make money - producing nothing and contributing nothing worthwhile to society, but still somehow reaping a lion's share of the benefits from the hardworking segment of society. Pure laissez-faire capitalism fails us in this manner. The machine of capitalism can work for us, or against us - it's simply a tool, like a hammer, that can prove to be hugely helpful (if aimed correctly), or hugely harmful, if we miss the mark.